Hi, I'm Kae. I'm a certified aesthetician interested in helping people explore and understand the benefits of caring for your skin with holistic and botanical based products. I believe overall healthcare is deeply rooted in self care, and taking the time to care for, and understand your skin is a vital step on your wellness journey. During my free time you can find me researching different facial massage techniques and Canadian skincare brands.

“Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time"

— Linden Tyler

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I have partnered up with Lauren Mary, a local Clinical Herbalist+Doula+Holistic Nutrition Consultant. Lauren Mary runs a multifaceted business centred around empowering women and their individual journeys through fertility, pregnancy, birth, post-partum and parenting. She has developed a unique botanical skincare line centred around simplicity and ritual. Together we have developed an exclusive facial using all LMH products, crystals, affirmations and energy work. You can find out more about Lauren Mary by clicking the link below.



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