What should I do prior to my appointment?

I recommend being hydrated and satiated. It can be hard to relax and enjoy your treatment if you’re thinking about food! If it’s possible I also recommend coming without makeup on, some mascaras and lipsticks can be tricky to remove and the process will take time away from your facial massage

Can I wear makeup after my facial?

I don’t recommend wearing makeup directly after your facial. We worked hard to make sure your skin was thoroughly cleansed and treated. You will see better results from your treatment by allowing the products to absorb without makeup. If you are in a pinch I recommend using a mineral based makeup.

Will my face be red after the facial?

This all depends on our agreed upon treatment. It’s normal to have flushed cheeks after a facial because of the encouraged circulation from the facial massage. This flush is a good sign because it means fresh blood is bring oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. This flush typically does not last very long and can fade before you even leave the clinic.