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All facial treatments are customized for every individual appointment. After your initial consultation we will formulate a treatment plan for your personal skin health goals.


The Essentials Facial 65


The Essentials Facial is perfect for people on the go. This treatment includes everything you need; a deep cleanse, professional exfoliation, and a nourishing facial treatment. Finished with protective and targeted products to send you on your way. Ideal for clients on their way home from work or with busy-bee schedules. 30 Minutes

The Botanical Facial 95

A botanically infused experience using plant-based skincare, aromatherapy and healing massage for a truly holistic experience. The goal of this facial experience is to inspire a sense of peace and inner calm while being rejuvenated with pure botanical ingredients. The Custom Botanical Facial uses new and timeless techniques, you will experience a deep cleanse, exfoliation and a targeted treatment mask followed by a therapeutic facial massage to release tension and lift and firming the facial muscles. 60 Minutes

Celluma LED Light Therapy 50

The LED light therapy treatment has the ability to encourage collagen production, minimize fine lines and reduce scarring. While also destroying acne causing bacteria and soothing inflammation in the skin. You will have your skin cleansed followed by the LED light therapy treatment. Your treatment will be finished with specific products targeting your skin health goals. *For best results a series of 12 treatments over 6 weeks is recommended.

Celluma LED Light Series 444

12 Celluma LED Light Treatments over 6 weeks for optimal results.